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The future of heating

Biodom d.o.o. for many years provides convenient heating, reliability, and always a warm house, with a particular emphasis on comfort.

We are oriented in the development of biomass combustion installations of high quality. In all years of business we have become one of the leading European companies in the field of heating. In accordance with experience with various combustion devices, we have introduced a number of innovations and improvements that have been materialized through the development of boilers brand Biodom.

In 1999 we have started with the development of pellet boilers. In 2004, we began with the serial production and with the sale of our own brand. At first we started selling our boilers mostly in Slovenia, and in 2006 we started to expand successfully also in foreign markets. We export up to 80% of our production, at the moment. With the right approach and appropriate organization, we are able to compete successfully, in the development and sale of heating appliances with international competitors and Slovene ones. And despite the changes in the market, we continue to achieve the best results. Our program range includes the production and sale of wood pellet boilers for central heating. In our product range you can also find wood burning boilers and pellet stoves. In addition, we also sell the brand of pellets BIOPELET. BIOPELET brand is synonymous with quality production certified according to the most demanding European standards, tested and certified by the most prestigious European Institutes. The biggest advantage of Biodom, as well as an innovative approach to solve user problems and technological demands in the field of heating, is to always try to meet the needs and demands of our customers. The key to our success is in our positive attitude towards customers that inspires confidence and satisfaction with us and our work. We always try to provide a convenient way of heating, eco-friendly, comfortable and of high quality. We want to give you something more. We look to the future with great optimism, and we are confident that we can achieve all the goals that we have set. And even more.

Our mission

The company's mission is to provide complete quality solutions in the heating sector, meet the expectations and needs of our partners and above all create and strengthen partnerships for long-term business. Our willingness to always guarantee the lowest possible price on the market without compromising on quality of big brands, our efficiency and precision in design, performance, production and sales has led us to be always your warranty that lasts! Valuing human resources and land resources by clearing the bills through the use of clean energy.

Corporate vision

Become one of the leading companies in the European and global level in the field of heating on biomass (firewood and pellets) and maintain a high percentage of presence in the foreign and Slovenian market. In the end, one of our most important goals is to always produce our products with high long-term experience and passion.
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