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Biologic technology

Technology for maximum eficency

Innovative technologies Biodom are the cause of many new and proven solutions for your heating system.
A convenient concept of control with integrated advanced Biologic technology, automatically adjusts the parameters, so that the combustion occurs all the time under controlled and optimal conditions. The result is a reduced and controlled consumption of the fuel, lower emissions and the release of harmful gases also with the different quality of pellets.

The innovative technology Biologic.

While the devices of classical control use a system of a fixed set of parameters, the BioLogic control system automatically adjusts the parameters and therefore ensures optimum operation.
This means that the change in conditions caused by the quality and calorific value of the pellets or modification of chimney draft because of the weather or atmospheric pressure, induce no less returns.
BioLogic allows adaptations, instead like the conventional control devices where the efficiency is reduced by more than 10%.
BioLogic control system ensures the recognition of the air introduced to the combustion, the recognition of air density, of the chimney draft, recognition of the quality of the pellets according to the calorific value, moisture and length, recognition of the heat transfer from the gas drain to the water and the recognition of the operation of the burning pot.
Thanks to the continuous adjustment or automatic programming, there is no anomaly, and the efficiency and performance of the fuel are always optimal.

The advanced technology allows combustion of maximum efficiency and low emissions.
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