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In the modern world we are dealing more and more with the problem of how to ensure the rational use of energy, reducing pollution and global warming due to greenhouse gases.

The main challenge it is not in the use of energy itself, but the way in which we use and provide it. Wood is a renewable fuel, natural, an environmentally friendly way of heating, and because of its versatility and convenience, many call it the "energy source of the future."

When it burns, wood emits as much CO2 as the tree absorbed in the course of his life. This is the reason we focus mainly on biomass, which is one of the most environmentally friendly and convenient options for heating systems using fossil fuels.


The efficiency of the heating system at increasingly higher energy costs is even more important, so it is reasonable to make energy savings and savings in your wallet.

Many communities still use domestic heating systems that are obsolete and oversized. These systems have low annual returns and because of the large heat loss, heating costs that are already high, are increasing even more.
With the upgrade of the heating system and shifting to a renewable wood fuel, you can save up to 50% of operating costs.
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